Sunday, January 24, 2010

What's on the Spindles!!!

All my spindles have yarn on them!  My cd still has the last of the novelty roving that I bought at the Gatlinburg Spinner - I got to get it off and washed.  Not sure what to do with it though.
That's my problem - I love to spin but then I can't decide what to do with it - so far almost all, of it except for the pitiful first skeins, have went to my daughter that way I don't have to worry about it and she gets some handspun.

One spindle has the light color that I got from the raw jacob fleece that my DH bought in Murfreesboro last fall. After separating the colors in the fleece, washing and drying it, I started with the light color.  It reminds me of frost because it has some of the gray blended in it but not much. 

Oh - must tell you about the carding tools I am using!  Found these at a local pet groomers, they are great.  They are called Frank's Universal Dog Brushes.  Made in Germany, larger than most brushes, curved just like wool carding combs but just cost $6 each.  I really believe they must be made by the same company that makes wool combs.  They are plastic but strong.  Someday, maybe, I will have real wool combs  - but now these are great for someone that really don't what they are doing!

Okay, the other spindle (my handmade one - isn't that cool to be able to say!), has the jacob roving that I bought last fall.  It was already ready to spin - so soft and smooth.  Beautiful shades of jacob - and  the name of the sheep was Teva (named after the shoes) - isn't that great - this yarn will be called TEVA!

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