Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Cake Decorating Classes

Britney has started cake decorating classes at JoAnns in Knoxville. Tonight will be the last of the Course 1. She is doing great - making some beautiful cakes and really liking it alot.

First cake was a rainbow cake and the second was a two layer clown cake. She even did a chocolate layer and a yellow layer in the clown cake.

Everyone at her Great Mamaw's loved the clown cake on Sunday. We are trying to find ways to get rid of cakes!!!!

She will be making a chocolate cake tonight with roses.

Our hens are laying great eggs for these cakes!!! We are getting alot of double yolks!!! And one of the hens (Britney thinks it is Betty) often is laying a jumbo egg! I love our chickens!!!

Weaving on the Brain Again!

Been trying to get my loom warped up but has been a real ordeal. So much going on that I can't find time for me! But finally after days of battling with the new way I was threading up the warp, I got it done. Hurray!!!

I am working on recycle rag rugs. I got one started and hopefully, if I figured right, I will be able to do 3 on this warp. I am using some old knit shirts and a skirt in colors of burgandy, brown & mauve.

Please Santa - bring me another reed for Christmas. Working with one reed and a 6 dpi one at that can be hard for a beginner. I had to double the warp in the reed and I did do a messed up job which caused me to work twice as hard straightening it out. But it is working now.

 I had been working with everything in the house trying to find the perfect seat to sit in at the loom with no luck. Last week I came across a padded bench with a back. I needed a back to help support my back. I can lift the seat for storage, which is great for my shuttles!!!

A great find!!! It works so great. It is wide enough that the treadles fit perfectly under the bench so I can sit right up to the loom.

More later!!!!

Friday, August 7, 2009

New projects in the works!

Trying to get some new things done. I started spindle spinning some Hand Dyed Blue Faced Leicester Top roving that I bought at the Yarn Haven in Knoxville. It is so pretty. The color is Stained Glass. I am starting the second half then will ply it together for a double ply yarn. I am loving spindle spinning!!! It is so relaxing - now if I would just get something made with it when it is spun!!!

The next thing I am starting is a new rag rug! Using the floral fabric, I am hoping to turn out a really pretty rug. Paid a whole dollar for it at a yard sale!

Juanita Hofstrom, who lives in WI and has a weaving studio, has been giving me pointers. She has been so much help. She is a fabulous weaver and has taught weaving for many years, in great places like Arrowmont and John C Campbells. I wish I could go and take a class from her!!!
Her website is http://www.vauningstudio.com/ . She has also gave me some great hint on quick freezing veggies so I can get back to weaving. I met her on Rugtalk - which is a great group to join if you are interested in rug weaving.
Will post more on these projects later!

I gotta get a quilt finished for a friend, Kathy, before I play anymore! She does beautiful work. I love the colors in this one, she is great at designing a quilt!!!

New family member, Layla

We have added a new family member, her name is Layla. Britney works at a animal shelter and this little girl came in and chose Britney. She is a husky mix with the prettiest blue eyes. About a third of the size of Soprano.

He is dealing with her - she is very bossy and I have to take up for him when she takes his toys. She is constantly nipping at him and biting his legs. She fits perfect under him when he is running. She weighs about 25 pounds and he is about 80 pounds. I think he was happier before she arrived (and I was sometimes!)

She is Britney's baby and sleeps with her. She is always hungry and very hyper at times.