Saturday, December 26, 2009

Day after Christmas and all is Calm!

I woke up early this morning, around 5, and it is so nice! No video games going, no noise, no rushing to get last minute things done. The house is a mess - but it was before Christmas!
Time to think about how I am going to make next year less hectic!

My son, Aaron, got to come home the weekend before Christmas - he had to work on Christmas but is happy with his job. As long as there is something to do with cooking under the tree, I think he is happy. The knowledge that he is in a career that makes him so happy is a great year round present.

My daughter, Angie, - now she loves Christmas - wrap up a bottle of fingernail polish or lip balm and she is happy as long as she gets to peek at it and have something to unwrap! Mrs. Clause continues to visit her each year on Christmas morning and has since the Christmas she asked if there was a Santa. "As long as you believe and Mrs. Clause can - there will be a present under the tree on Christmas morning" - sometimes it has been hard for Mrs Claus to sneak it under the tree - but it has been there. I think her husband, Rico, has a time hiding things from her and keeping her from accidentally tearing paper. Of course, he gave in and she opened about 4 presents before Christmas.

My Christmas was special - presents to help me not to cook (gift cards to restaurants), roving to spin, beautiful crochets dollies and what is supposed to be dish cloths but too pretty for that and will become dollies, candy that I should not eat, video to watch and relax, thimbles from so many countries that I could never remember off the top of my head. Only two things have to be exchanged at Wal-Mart!
The hope that this year will be a better health year as I get ready for more tests next month.

Plus the future present that did not make it here on time - my Kromski spinning wheel. But most of all - knowing that my kids and grand kids are healthy and happy (and at times you have to wonder about the happy with teenagers) is the best gift of all.

But it is sad too - the grand kids are too old for the surprise of toys. They tell you what they want and you try to figure out what you can afford. Gone are the days when a ball or a doll made them happy or heck the box that the dryer came in!

I think next year will be the perfect year to spend the week somewhere - in a condo in the mountains of Tennessee! (If I can find someone to gather the eggs!)

I hope everyone had a Blessed Christmas and have the peace of Jesus in their hearts in the New Year and all the coming years.

Merry Christmas - Happy New Year!!!

Early Christmas Presents was a hit!!!

Living in Tennessee and not being a Vols fan is almost a crime but of course I have a girl that is a Gator fan!!! Finding Gator stuff is hard here!!
My brother, Gene, who lives in Tampa, sent Britney an early present and it was a great hit!! It was a total surprise to her.
She loved it and has worn it so proudly. She has had fun doing so too where ever we go - she loves the thumbs up from other gator fans and the ribbing she gets or gives to the other teams out there.
We could have never found a sweatshirt like this in Volunteer Country!!!
She has also received a orange gator t-shirt from her uncle Chris and a blue gator t-shirt from me!
As for myself - I could care less about sports - give me a good sewing, quilting, knitting or weaving shirt!!!!!

Christmas Parades should be in the fall - when it is warm!!!

We braved the cold 30 degree windy weather for the Niota Christmas parade. Now I know that is warm to some places in the U.S., but it is cold to me!!! Especially when it was @ 60 a couple days before!

This was Brit's first parade and she loved it. It lasted, from the time we arrived to get ready until we went home @ 3 hours. But they did win 2nd place! It was so cold & windy - burrrr!
She rode the Springbrook Riding Academy float. The girls had a great time and of course the pony was precious. Marge, her riding teacher and owner of Springbrook Academy really worked hard to get the float and all the girls ready.
But I did love the goat pulling the wagon and in the wagon is a English bulldog. 1st place went to the Freedom isn't Free float - dedicated to our Vets - congratulations!!!! So happy they won!