Saturday, December 26, 2009

Early Christmas Presents was a hit!!!

Living in Tennessee and not being a Vols fan is almost a crime but of course I have a girl that is a Gator fan!!! Finding Gator stuff is hard here!!
My brother, Gene, who lives in Tampa, sent Britney an early present and it was a great hit!! It was a total surprise to her.
She loved it and has worn it so proudly. She has had fun doing so too where ever we go - she loves the thumbs up from other gator fans and the ribbing she gets or gives to the other teams out there.
We could have never found a sweatshirt like this in Volunteer Country!!!
She has also received a orange gator t-shirt from her uncle Chris and a blue gator t-shirt from me!
As for myself - I could care less about sports - give me a good sewing, quilting, knitting or weaving shirt!!!!!

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