Thursday, October 9, 2008

Pincushion/Needlekeeper Swap!

I joined a Pincushion/needlekeeper swap this fall! I swapped with someone in Australia - how cool was that!

I was a little slow getting done - back surgery was right in the middle! Depressions because back surgery did not help! But finally I got my done.

I received from Ciara (from Sidney) a really cute pincushion that looked like a cupcake and a really neat needlekeeper that was so bright and cute with the butterflies on the front.

I sent her a chicken pincushion made out of 30's reproduction fabrics and a needlekeeper that I had designed and digitized for embroidery machine.

It was fun!!!

Toooo Busy!!!

Tooooo much going on!!! Just got over Fall Break and now the kids are back at school. Trying to get a few quilts quilted for my customers!! Trying to make a few things to sell before Christmas! Cleaning the shop! And Cleaning the house!!!! AT least canning is over!!!

I made a small table scarf with my Spear's loom - gotta get a picture of it. Worked great!

Now I have bought a used Leclerc Mira Loom!!!! That's why I had to clean the shop - to make room for it!!! Got some yarn at R&M Yarns during their 50% off sale. Got my books! My friend, Tanya (my buddy in trying to do everything at least once), loaned me some vhs tapes on weaving! Now I can't wait to get it warped and going!!!!