Thursday, February 21, 2008

Embroidery Machine is busy, too!!!

Embroidery Machine Time!

Finally got my embroidery machine out of the shop and back at work! The great thing about embroidery machines is that they work on their own. You can do other things while it is working on a design; it stops when you need to change thread or change the bobbin.

I love making these towels for the kitchen. Usually I make the sunnbonnet sue days of the week towels in either turkey red or country blue, but these are so cute. Each is a different color: red, green & blue. The sides are serged and hemmed under with matching thread. On the end with the design, I used a decorative stitch off my regular machine. The fabric is Osanburg 100% cotton that has been prewashed.

I am hoping to use this monogram design on the front of a purse. The floral design, I think, was a freebie on Martha Pullen's site. I have a really cute print that I match the colors of the thread to.

Well, back to work! Maybe I should do alittle house work!!!
Oh my, What was I thinking?!?

Butterflies in Flight!!!

Don't it make you think of spring!!!

Even though it is in the 30's outside - this bag really makes you think of spring!!! I loved working on it.

A nurse and dear friend, Lonnie (works at Erlanger Hospital in Chattanooga, TN), picked the main fabric and left it up to me to pick the rest. Hopes she likes it. She has lots of books to carry back & forth to work and needed a strong bag.
The fabric is beautiful butterflies with shades of dusty plum, lavender, purple and gold. The lining is was a dark plum which was almost a charcoal. The pockets & binding was done in medium dusty plum.

After choosing
the lining fabric, I quilted it on my A-1 quilting machine. I just did a all over meandering using a soft Hobb's cotton batting. The second picture shows the lining after some quilting was done. Doesn't if just work!

The pocket fabric was a dusty plum with a little leaf design. I am working on a tutorial on how to make the pocket so you don't have to have any stitches on the actual quilted bag. It works great.
The binding was done with the dusty plum too.

Tote Bag Crazy!!!

Tote Bags on the Brain!

I have been playing catch up with orders for tote bags!!! Seems like I find a new way to improve them each time - little things that cut the time involved in making them. They are 15" x 17" with a box bottom and are 30" from bottom side to top of strap. Great to for a shoulder bag. I cordinate the fabrics and quilt them with cotton batting inside.

This one is a farm/country theme. I used a country red check for the lining.

There is a large pocket inside that is divided into 3 compartments and two pen holder. The center pocket is has velco to give it alittle more security to hold you checkbook or wallet. The buttons are placed on the velco for looks. A cute country red with a wavey line is used for the pocket.

I have made totes with horses and dogs fabric also. Used a homespun fabric for the lining and black for the pockets.

Back to work!!! I am so getting behind on my quilting!!!! Plus all the unimportant stuff like cleaning the house and cooking!!!!!!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Rug Making!

First time using a weaving loom!

My husband, Rhea, made me a loom to weave fabric strips and this is the first finished project. The loom is @ 15 x 18 and a good size for a placemat. Of course, I have already been planning away to turn it into a PURSE!

It was so much fun and worked up quickly.

Here I go again! I have started another one and here's what it looks like as a work in progress. He made the loom our of wood and stain it a beautiful walnut. So it looks good just setting in the living room when I am not working on it - Working Art!

This rug is being made from strips of old blue jeans and left over muslin. I used cording to warp it.

He is working on a larger frame that will make a rug @26 x 34. I am really looking forward to making a larger one to cordinate in my rooms.

Guess I will be having a rug making class with some friends soon!

A couple novelty quilts from my work shop!

This quilt was made from the fabrics that I hand dyed (except for the black & white checks. I quilted it with varigiated thread. It was for a challenge in my quilting guild to use a collection that you had. So since I had made all this hand dyed fabric and was not using it since I might not be able to get that color again I figured it was a collection.

I called it A Traditional Quilter Breaking Out of the Box!


This one was also another challenge from my quild. This one you had to make a quilt showing something you collected - so I collect fabric from every quilt shop I can find! Of course, I think I might have to pass this one on to my daughter since she is also collecting fabric and I think trying to pass me up (she has not looked in my fabric storage room in a while!)

I started this Grandmother Fan about 4 years ago - I plan to finish it this year. It will be a king size and I plan to do alot of quilting on it. Maybe I will get it quilted in another 4 years.
See ya later!!!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

My german shephard, Meadow

My BABY!!!!

This is my spoiled rotten german shephard, Meadow. She was 3 years old on January 23rd. She was bought for my granddaughter, Brit, but, of course, guess who took care of her the most; therefore getting attached to her.

She has her own quilt on one corner of the couch.

Meadow (her akc name is Midnight Jasmine aka Meadow) is a one family dog. She is not a friendly dog except for us then she is a baby. My husband, son, granddaughter, grandson and myself are the only people that she will accept.

I can't believe I am blogging!

My daughter has encouraged me to do this - so here I go!


I have been making some tote bags lately and having fun doing it. I quilted the fabric then cut it out. I had an idea of what I wanted to do but really just designed it as I went. I really loved the fabric!

I used a tote bag pattern from Kentucky Quilt Company then added pockets to the outside and inside pockets the way I wanted.

Recycle Felted Sweater Purse

I bought a wool sweater at a consignment shop. Washed & dryed it so it felt. Last night I could not sleep so I worked on a purse with the sweater. It was calling me!

I did not know what I was going to do. I wish I had taken before pictures because I almost gave up. No pattern to go by - I just had to wing it. This is what I came up with. The inside is lined with a dark blue fabric, including one pocket. I think it will be perfect with jeans!


Last year I learnt how to rug hook using a locker hook needle and canvas and I love it. I am on my third rug. It is a great way to use up scrap fabric strips! I have to make a picture of the ones I have done and post them later.
I decided "Why not make a purse?"- so using yarn, canvas and locker hook needle I made this purse.

The pattern was my MGI Textiles but it did not have a pattern or picture of a lining. I put a stripe cotton lining with pockets including a zipper pocket.


I started this top in 2000 when I owned the quilt shop. It was a block of the month that I was doing with my customers. I put it aside when I sold the shop. Last year I decided that I could not make another quilt top until I tried to at least finish a few of my quilt projects that I had going. I finally finished 4 tops - here is one:
I-SPY Quilt

My husband's aunt, Mildred, gave me this quilt. It is called I-SPY Quilt. Each hexagon is a different fabric. It is so special to me!!! I quilted by doing a curve outline on each hexagon. She cut and piece each one. She is so talented.

I hope this was okay for my first time blogging!!

I have started making and selling tote bags and folk art dolls again. I will post pictures soon. Also I hope to post pictures of my granddaugther's quilts.

Check out my daughter's blog: She will inspire you!!