Thursday, February 21, 2008

Tote Bag Crazy!!!

Tote Bags on the Brain!

I have been playing catch up with orders for tote bags!!! Seems like I find a new way to improve them each time - little things that cut the time involved in making them. They are 15" x 17" with a box bottom and are 30" from bottom side to top of strap. Great to for a shoulder bag. I cordinate the fabrics and quilt them with cotton batting inside.

This one is a farm/country theme. I used a country red check for the lining.

There is a large pocket inside that is divided into 3 compartments and two pen holder. The center pocket is has velco to give it alittle more security to hold you checkbook or wallet. The buttons are placed on the velco for looks. A cute country red with a wavey line is used for the pocket.

I have made totes with horses and dogs fabric also. Used a homespun fabric for the lining and black for the pockets.

Back to work!!! I am so getting behind on my quilting!!!! Plus all the unimportant stuff like cleaning the house and cooking!!!!!!

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