Thursday, February 14, 2008

Rug Making!

First time using a weaving loom!

My husband, Rhea, made me a loom to weave fabric strips and this is the first finished project. The loom is @ 15 x 18 and a good size for a placemat. Of course, I have already been planning away to turn it into a PURSE!

It was so much fun and worked up quickly.

Here I go again! I have started another one and here's what it looks like as a work in progress. He made the loom our of wood and stain it a beautiful walnut. So it looks good just setting in the living room when I am not working on it - Working Art!

This rug is being made from strips of old blue jeans and left over muslin. I used cording to warp it.

He is working on a larger frame that will make a rug @26 x 34. I am really looking forward to making a larger one to cordinate in my rooms.

Guess I will be having a rug making class with some friends soon!

A couple novelty quilts from my work shop!

This quilt was made from the fabrics that I hand dyed (except for the black & white checks. I quilted it with varigiated thread. It was for a challenge in my quilting guild to use a collection that you had. So since I had made all this hand dyed fabric and was not using it since I might not be able to get that color again I figured it was a collection.

I called it A Traditional Quilter Breaking Out of the Box!


This one was also another challenge from my quild. This one you had to make a quilt showing something you collected - so I collect fabric from every quilt shop I can find! Of course, I think I might have to pass this one on to my daughter since she is also collecting fabric and I think trying to pass me up (she has not looked in my fabric storage room in a while!)

I started this Grandmother Fan about 4 years ago - I plan to finish it this year. It will be a king size and I plan to do alot of quilting on it. Maybe I will get it quilted in another 4 years.
See ya later!!!

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Angelia said...

The loom thing is so neat! What a cute purse that will make!!!