Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Rug Weaving with Sock Loops!!!

~~~~ Gone Loopie~~~~~
Remember the sock loops that we use to weave on a little frame to make potholders??? I have found that they work great on my homemade weaving frame!!

I was at R&M Yarns in Cleveland TN and they had a beautiful rug that was made on a large floor loom. It looked like chenille. But it was made with ercu sock loops - which they sell by the pound. Of course I saw a challange to try this on my frame that my husband made me.

I warped the frame with a polyester yarn that I got at R&M (which I will use for my fabric rugs now - it works great). Then went to work by looping the sock loops together to form a chain; weaving in and out, over and under - and I love it. It works up quickly. When finished I used a crochet hook to pull the loops threw the warping threads at the end of the mat, making fringe at each end.

I can't wait until he gets my large rug frame done to do a big chenille floor rug!
R&M Yarns is a great store - I am planning a beginner's weaving class on April 5th ( on a real loom! )
Their web site is: http://www.rmyarns.com/ , they have yarns for knitting, weaving, etc - great prices. The yarn is mostly by the pound on the cones. They have cotton, New Zealand & Domestic Wool, novelty yarns and more! Be sure to check out her sock loop rug if you get to go by there!! The owner is Phyllis Narus.
A Quilting I must go!
Today was quilting day - I quilted 4 baby quilts, 2 cute rabbits, one adorable bear, and a fun summer looking with stick kids flying kites. Push myself tooooooo much - so I am done! Binding will go on tomorrow - one rabbit is already sold! (one baby step closer to a loom!!!)
Must finish my shawl tonight ! I am getting bored with it even though it is beautiful & lacy, but I am row 192!!!! It is a beautiful ercu cotton that I got at R&M yarns - I love it but I am ready to get back to work on my bright varigated socks!!!
Peace & Blessings!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Slow Moving!!!!

After a over a year of health problems, I have been finally diagnosed with low Vitamin D. Not sure how low but apparently pretty low - started on 50,000 units of D twice a week for 4 weeks, then go to 50,000 units for 8 weeks, then 1000 units a day, plus a caltrate and another vitamin. Go back to doctor on April 7th to find out why and if anything else showed up on the pint of blood they took!
I took my second pill yesterday and so far I can't tell any difference. Oh, well took over a year to get this bad - sure it will take a while to get built back up.

Been quilting on a friend's quilt this week and I really over did it yesterday. Must pace myself better! Must make time to play in my craft room! Must clean my craft room!!!!

If you get the chance, visit http://www.nancymalay.blogspot.com/ and http://www.vintagewhimsy.com/ - Ms. Malay is doing a give away and all you have to do is sign her guest book for a chance! She is such an artist!

My little sewing bear was a freebie from Lisa's Country Clipart. Have had it for several years and love it!

Saturday, March 15, 2008


Oh, another New Hobby!!!
My first attempt at needle feliting something that maybe I can use! I was playing around last night with the stuff I bought at the expo, trying to make something that did not look to kindergarden-created. I wanted to make something 3-D. Kinda hard since I have yet to get a needlefelting book to tell me how to do this stuff.

My flower really just looked like the yellow one I did, then I made a egg shape thing - not knowing what I was doing. Then I was playing around with it and thought maybe a pin to wear. So this morning (about 6 a.m.) I snipped off the leave (looked too dark) then added a light one back but no stem. Then I started using some thread and a needle and added some beads and a pin back - and I think it made a cute spring brooch.

Now I need to read a book on how to really do it?!?

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Doll from the Martha Stewart Show

Meet Kiwi!
She is so cute and I think each one will have a different personality. On the Martha Stewart show, Emily Martin showed how to make this cute doll. She has a little Mary Engelbrit fabric apron on and a blue plaid scarf on.
I made one for Brit since she was so sick this week. I named it Kiwi because of the bright green legs.
It was fun making a new doll!!!

But I have to quilt now!
See ya

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Baby quilts!

A Great Day!!!

I quilted 5 baby quilt tops to sell and today I sold 4 of them at the doctor's office (thank goodness for my friend, Gloria, that works as a RN in the office)! I am so up now!!!

I did not do alot of quilting = just some freehand designs and they were baby panels but I did not charge alot for them. They have a very pretty plaid print on the back & I used the plaid for the binding. Alot prettier than just plain muslin or white. Completely done on machine.

I have alot of cute kid prints that I have to do some thing with - I am trying to lower my stash. Then I won't feel so bad when I buy new material!
So now I have to get busy and do some more! Maybe that 5 gallon tote of fabric will finally get used up!!! I had so many big plans for it when I bought it - but the plans only changed.
See ya, later!

Monday, March 10, 2008

More from the Expo

This bag is so cute!

I love the Karma Bag - Angie & I both made one in a class at the Sewing Expo in Atlanta. It is an interchangeable bag - one handle - many bags. With a twist, one bag comes off and you can put on the new one - so cute.

Here's the punch needle project that we did. This was a great make it & take it but it was really a class that we did on Thursday evening. I can't find my paper with the teacher's name but Angie has it on her blog, plus a link to her website. I had done some needlepunching but she really helped me alot.

We also had a demo with The Mad Hatter, Dawn Anderson. She was good and really made making hats look easy (alot of hand work though). Her site is http://www.dawnandersondesigns.com/
Made me want to make a hat - oh, another hobby!

Kathy Ruddy, creator of Unique Patterns, did a great fashion show called Eat lots of Cookies. She was hilarious - but we really pick up alot of pointers. Web site: http://www.uniquepatterns.com/

This was a free fashion show. They had on going things at two different stages. I think we really learned more in the vendors mall than in the demos and classes. So many make it & take its and so many fashion shows and stage demos.

Okay, today was clean the house - yuk day! Laundry (mainly mine that I bought back so I could not complain about it), dishes, bathrooms, and moping. Plus supper which was cabbage beef soup and homemade bread. Rhea did a great job with the house - he had his laundry done & the house looking good when I got home on Saturday!

My bread recipe came from the Urban Homemaker. I usually make it just like the recipe she has but I changed this one to work in my bread oven. I grind my own wheat but today I was lazy. I did not grind enough wheat so I mixed some bread flour in with it. Her recipe is called Marilyn's famous Whole Wheat Bread and we love it. She has a great free catalog and website with lots of tips, recipes and ideas. The web site is http://www.urbanhomemaker.com/ .

Today's version of homemade bread (mine is never the same but it usually always comes out good. This one was very light and rose very high):

Semi Whole-Wheat Bread (my version for the bread maker on my lazy bread day)

1 1/4 cup warm water
1 cup of whole wheat flour

Combine warm water with 1 cup ww flour, Stir and let sponge (soak) for 15 to 20 minutes. I placed mine right in my bread pan for my breadmaker.

1/6 cup honey (I did not have a 1/6 cup so I just used a 1/3 cup and filled it up one half full)
1/6 cup oil
1 1/4 teaspoon salt
1/2 tablespoon dough enhancer (optional)
1 Tablespoon gluten (optional - might not raise as high as mine but mine was about too high)
3/4 Tablespoon yeast
1 cup whole wheat flour
1 cup bread flour (this is where I changed her recipe - she uses all whole wheat and
usually I do but not on lazy bread day)
This is the order I put it in but you need to put it in according to your breadmaker's instructions.
and bake according to your instructions for whole wheat.

I have an Ultimate Breadman. My settings were for Whole Wheat, rapid rise, 1 .5 pound loaf and medium crust.
I also check when it starts kneading to see if it needs any more flour or liquid. Seems that can vary - maybe it has something to do with the humidity. Today I had to add the extra 1/4 cup of bread flour. Do this if it looks too runny - if it looks too stiff add alittle warm water.
The urban homemaker's recipe makes two loafs but to get it for my breadmaker I have to cut it in half. I have to admit - in the beginning - I only made it the traditional way by hand. But I kneading takes so much time and sometimes my bread would not be as light, so I have given in to modern conveniences, at least, part of the time. Using all whole wheat makes wonderful bread, though especially fresh ground wheat.
Also, since it is so fast in a breadmaker, you can have fresh bread anytime!!! Makes it seem like you have work very hard even when you have been sewing all day.
Let me know if you try it or have any questions!

Sunday, March 9, 2008



My daughter, Angie, & I took off on Wednesday to Atlanta for the Sewing & Quilting Expo - what can I say - it was wonderful. We stayed until Saturday and had a blast. Shopped out!

This was the first trip we have been able to go away together and I hope it will become a yearly thing.

I took only 3 classes. One was the Karma Bag with Angie and I loved the bag. Will post a picture later, Britney has claim it and is carrying it tonight. A picture is posted on Angie's blog (sewmuchtosew.blogspot.com).

The next one was a lecture that turned into a sales pitch but we did come away with some useful info. The last one was crafting for profit - a good speaker and lots of info.

But mostly lots of venders!!! I did not go too wild on shopping but did alot of looking and planning for stuff I already have. Of course I pick up a new hobby and got pointers on one I had already started.
A few new patterns, embroidery designs and a little fabric - how perfect could it have been.
New patterns!
A really cute country apron pattern. A couple retro patterns - A japanese inspired owl pattern was a freebie from SomeArtFabric and I bought a cute fabric monkey pattern (Magoo) from them that reminded me of the sock money.

Like I need another one! I feel in love with needle felting. We did a make it and take it book mark in a booth and were hooked. Both Angie & I went on a hunt for felting stuff! I bought the wool roving at the Vogue booth. On Friday when Angie was at a class, I found kits with the foam and needles for both of us, so on Friday night we went to felting. We took the roving off the bookmark and made a heart. Her's was much better than mine - I think mine was a broken heart - but it was fun. So then I made a sunflower - kinda looks like the dorky homemade look but it has not been wet and put in the dryer yet - hope it improves. But I was hooked - went back to Vogue and bought more roving on Saturday morning.

We also tried out a felting machine - loved it! So I guess that is on my list for new machines. I know Angie has it on her list - she sees jeans with felting on them. It was easier to use a machine but there as something about punching that roving into the foam - great way to work on you frustrations!
But everyone that knows me - knows I love machines!

Of course - I hit the Goodwill today for wool sweaters and jackets for felting. Can't wait to play!
I got 4 fat quarters to play around with on my totes and purses - I am already regretting not buying yard pieces! I felt like I was back in the 70's (except my back hurts) when I look at this fabric! Kinda like Ninety Nine on Get Smart Look! Well, I just dated myself!
I got them at a booth called Some Art Fabric - they had some great fabric. It is a online company that only does online and shows. Website is SomeArtFabric.com.
I bought these cute pieces of fabric at the Vogue booth for purses - they are so cute! I think I will try them with the Amy Butler patterns. I don't know which I like better. The green really shouts spring!

I also did a needle punching class with Angie. That was the one where I perfected my punching. I will post a picture later - I thought I had taken one but guess I did not. It was fun. A friend of mine that use to live in Athens seen us, Joyce Trew. I had not seen her in about 3 or 4 years. She also took the class also when she saw what we were doing.
I was so deep ingrossed into punching that I did not get to talk to her much. I would have never thought about running into anyone there - there were so many people!
The only thing I wished I had done was take pictures at the show of Angie & myself. I planned to but it was so mind boggling when we got there each day that I would forget.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

This is being 13!!!!

The BIG 13!!!!

Well, Britney made it to 13 but I don't know if I will make it the rest of the years!!!!!

We had cake on Sunday at my aunt's and cake on Sunday night at Britney's great-grandmothers and cake on Monday morning (the real birthday) at home for breakfast!

Getting a little done but not much!!!

Seems like I can't get alot done - I gotta get motivated! Maybe the trip to Atlanta with my daughter this week will do it!!!!! I am packed and finishing the last minute things I have to do. I have never been on a trip without my husband, so it is kinda new. Also I have never went anywhere without Britney, so she is adjusting to it!

Did a couple better pictures of my tote bags - thing is I don't even have one to carry to Atlanta. I got the fabric but did not get it done - well next time.

A little embroidery & my first rug punching project!
I finally finished a rug punching project - my first. Problem was the kit I bought did not have enough yarn to finish like the picture - that was a real bummer. I had to sorta free-form it to make it work but I like it and made it a chair pad for a rocking chair in my special room. It is a room that usually stays clean!

It was fun but I now I want to make my own pattern or use one that I found in a book. The yarn in this kit was not a natural fiber and I plan to make one with wool yarn and wool fabric. I used burlap for the base and an oxford needle for punching, a morgan frame for holding the fabric.
I am hoping to find a couple venders in Atlanta that have this and maybe they will be demoing so I can ask some questions. Last year at the quilt show in Nashville there was a booth that was doing it and I feel in love with the primitive work.

I am still trying to get my embroidery machine up and going - what a time that has been. But I did get this pillowcase done before Christmas. It is a large case and I think I will cut it down to a travel size because I think it will be a very pretty decorative pillow. Besides - I don't know if I want to do another one!