Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Slow Moving!!!!

After a over a year of health problems, I have been finally diagnosed with low Vitamin D. Not sure how low but apparently pretty low - started on 50,000 units of D twice a week for 4 weeks, then go to 50,000 units for 8 weeks, then 1000 units a day, plus a caltrate and another vitamin. Go back to doctor on April 7th to find out why and if anything else showed up on the pint of blood they took!
I took my second pill yesterday and so far I can't tell any difference. Oh, well took over a year to get this bad - sure it will take a while to get built back up.

Been quilting on a friend's quilt this week and I really over did it yesterday. Must pace myself better! Must make time to play in my craft room! Must clean my craft room!!!!

If you get the chance, visit http://www.nancymalay.blogspot.com/ and http://www.vintagewhimsy.com/ - Ms. Malay is doing a give away and all you have to do is sign her guest book for a chance! She is such an artist!

My little sewing bear was a freebie from Lisa's Country Clipart. Have had it for several years and love it!

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Angelia said...

You must get better so we can go to more sewing expos!!!
I'm thinking I would rather go to the creative expo (you sent me the link) than american sewing guild expo!!!