Saturday, November 24, 2012

Tote bags for Sheep Lovers!

Been working on some quilted totebags to sell to people that love sheep!!!  Great for anyone to carry their yarn for knitting or crocheting.  Also great for spinners to carry fiber in!  No velco or buttons to catch the fibers.  There is a large pocket inside as well as the ones outside.

Also quilted covers for hand cards.  Love these, great to protect the pads of the cards.  The ones pictured are for wool cards, the cotton covers are longer.

Great presents!!!

Friday, November 23, 2012

Beautiful November Morning

What a beautiful morning!  I just wonder how many that were out for the Black Friday Sales even noticed!!!

Friday, November 16, 2012

Farm & Chicken Fabrics

I love chickens, sheep, cows, well just any kind of animal!!

They have reprinted some old favorites in Farm Fabrics!  I love them and can't wait to do something with them.

Also, new fabrics for sheep lovers!  Got a friend that knits, make her a knitting bag.
Notice the Accuquilt Chickens!

New for the Accuquilt owners and soon to be owners is the Log Cabin Block (cut it all at once each piece is ready to sew);  The Isosceles Triangle - if you love the tumbler block you will love this one too. 
You can use up your scraps and make a Thousand Pyramid quilt or add the Half-square 3" finished triangle and make Kaleidoscope quilts (see picture of quilt).  If you already have the 12" block dies, you got this (it is the Block E), so all you need is the Isosceles Triangle die.

Pre-quilted fabric make fast baby quilts & tote bags.  come in and see the samples.  Also samples using the tumber block in Christmas Wall Hanging & a Stain-Glass look tumber table runner.  Lots to see and get ideas for at the shop!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Studio and Classroom!

The new addition is coming along.  Almost done!

 I had to put my Baby Wolf loom & warping board out there to make it feel like mine!
 Of course, Soprano & Miss Layla has already made themselves at home.  Soprano likes to lay on a blanket - he found a couple pieces of paper towels on the floor and make himself a

 Isn't Miss Layla pretty!  I am a sucker for blued eyed dogs!
I know there are some that would join me in my world....hee-hee!  Found this little metal sign a last year and it spoke to me!  As soon as the room is done it is going on the wall!

My Neighbors!

I looked out my soon to be new studio and saw one of my neighbors!  There were two beautiful does walking in the back yard. 

Saturday, November 10, 2012

New Fabrics & more!

I have done alot of trying to catch up tonight!!!  So be sure to check the next 4 or 5 posts for what is going on in the shop!

More new fabric - not sure if I have posted any of it or not but it is so pretty!

 South Seas Christmas Cardinals

 Timeless Treasures Lemon Grove

 These three bolts are current fabrics!  I love sheep fabrics.  If you have a knitting friend - any of these 3 would make a great knitting bag for them.
Pattens for any project and dies for the GO! 

The following quilts got started because of a challange that was given to the Heritage Quilt Guild in Athens.  I was kinda challanged to do it with the Tucan fabric.  The black plaid was the challange fabric from the guild.  After the quilt was made, I fussy cut the flowers & birds, fusing them to quilt.  So much fun!!
The second quilt was my challange to me.  I use some of the Shaving Cream dyed fabric and while planning it someone said too bad you can't use flannel with the regular cotton in it - "Why can't I" was my reply.  The big floral is flannel, the rest of the fabrics are regular cotton.  The multi-colored in the block & the strips in the border are the shaving cream fabric.

The little butterfly in the corner was shaving cream fabric (which I thought was ugly when I dyed it).  I fused the fabric; cut 2 butterflies with the GO; twisted two thin wires together and placed in the middle with a wire in each section of the wing, fused the two pieces of fabric together, satin stitched the edges, then stitched it in place using an old piece of jewelry for the middle.  Then I could adjust the wings 3D.

Fun! Fun! Fun!  We all need to play now and again!

I love to weave!  Can't help it - I love to create fabric, rugs, towels & even washcloths!  I really love the new to me Harrisville Loom! A rug made from t-shirts and mixed warp threads (using up the leftover threads)

Washcloths wove on a Cricket Rigid Heddle Loom using Peaches & Cream cotton yarn and a knitting needle to raise the wept threads so I would get the texture of a piled washcloth.
I took a class  and did a pink plaid piece similar to Saori Weaving!  Really frees you up to use any yarn and you just go with it.    I went home on the first day and warped up for the next weaving (below) - just picked threads I liked and warped up  - did not worry about what the fiber was, just what I liked.  No plan in the weaving of colors so I did not have to keep up the plaids.  Love it - was going to cut and make a vest & possibly a messenger bag but so far I have only used it as a shaw. The pink Saori Weaving is a wall hanging now. I might cut one of them when the time is

Quick Quilts & Flannel Fun!

Need a quick gift for Christmas!!!  One of these quilts would really be perfect!  These three are all panel quilts - the center is a panel, all you do is add the borders.  Plus here is the really quick thing - they are in a pre-cut kits!!!  Great country looking quilts that would be perfect for the guy that you would love to make a quilt for!
This one is Marcus Brother's Quilt Shop Only Flannel!
Got a little girl or a teenager you need to do a quilt for - want a fun flannel to play with?  This purple quilt is perfect!  Marcus Brothers Quilt Shop Only fabrics and a free pattern -  how great is it!


Quilt Shows, Fiber Fest & more Shop Pics!

It has been a busy month - as usual I have not taken pictures like I should.  I am trying to do better but seems I always forget my camera and the phone just does not take pics like a camera. 

Hope everyone enjoyed Pumpkin Town & the Heritage Quilt Guild quilt show at the Art Center.

JoAnn Love on her way to talk about the Civil War Quilts at Pumpkin Town.

Also, on November 3rd, R&M Yarns in Cleveland had their 2nd Fiber Fest.  I enjoyed it so much, hope it continues to grow!  I met Bill, very talented weaver, hoping to take a class on doubleweave from him next year at R&M Yarns.

Couple more pics from the shop - Brenda brought by her mystery quilt from the Quilting on the Mountain in October plus a Santa wall hanging that she is doing.  She may teach a class on it!!!

Look what is New!

New fabric come in all the time - a bolt here and a bolt there!  What fun!  I have to control myself, too.  Sometimes when a bolt is almost gone - it is all I can do not to hide  Sometimes it is hard to tell someone when they are getting the last of a bolt that I have to keep it and can't sell!

Also, new Accuquilt dies & patterns are in.  Christmas dies & the 8" Rag Block Die!  Plus more to come - a new book, the Log Cabin Die & the Frog die are on their way!

What happening in the Shop!

Sorry I have been so long on updating!  Life just gets tooooo busy.  We are building a room on for my studio/classroom.  Thought it would be done by now but always take longer than you hope for.

Did a locker hooking class at the Art Center.  Had two great classes with very talented ladies!  I just did not get the pics I wanted because I forgot until the last night and then my phone went dead.

Now it is time to plan the next session beginning in January.

The Play with the Accuquilt Day was alot of fun.  The ladies really got into the thrill of cutting out with the Accuquilt GO.  They really understand why Accuquilt says "Better Quilts with Better Cuts". 
Notice they are wearing their Christmas cut outs.

Today, we had Shaving Cream Dyeing at the shop.  Not only did we do shaving cream, we did painting and resisting dyeing.  I always get off the tropic when I do a class, I think.  There is so much to try!  They also get to see Kool-aid wool roving crockpot dyeing.  Alot of fun just seeing what would happen with the textile colors.

Next class, Nov. 28th., is the Locking Hook Rug class here at the shop - can't wait to see what the girls come up with!

Monday, July 30, 2012

New Spinning Wheel!

I finally broke down and got a Schacht Sidekick travel wheel today from The Spinnery in Gatlinburg! My husband took there on my birthday but I just wasn't sure I should.  Well, we went back today and he got it for me.

 It spins like a dream.  It  the one on the right with the aqua wheel.  It folds up and comes with a carry strap so I can take it with me to guild and hopefully spinning classes someday.

The other wheel is my beautiful Majacraft Alpaca wheel (also from The Spinnery).  She is my sole wheel - spins like a dream and just a little sweetheart.  She does fold down and has a handle but she is heavy.  A bit hard on my back and my hips trying to carry.  She is a homebody and I guess her little friend will be the run around town girl.....  They are bonding!

If anyone spins, weaves, knits or crochets - they need to make a trip to The Spinnery in Gatlinburg.  Nancy is owner and she is wonderful.  I have known her a few years now and I have been in her shop several times - never does she push or pressure you  to buy even when I don't buy anything or just a roving to spin.   She has let me try out wheels and spin for hours until find what fits me.  I feel like I am with a friend.
Saundra is great - she is so helpful and fun.  So talented!  They are having alot of classes - worth the couple hours to drive there.