Saturday, November 10, 2012

I love to weave!  Can't help it - I love to create fabric, rugs, towels & even washcloths!  I really love the new to me Harrisville Loom! A rug made from t-shirts and mixed warp threads (using up the leftover threads)

Washcloths wove on a Cricket Rigid Heddle Loom using Peaches & Cream cotton yarn and a knitting needle to raise the wept threads so I would get the texture of a piled washcloth.
I took a class  and did a pink plaid piece similar to Saori Weaving!  Really frees you up to use any yarn and you just go with it.    I went home on the first day and warped up for the next weaving (below) - just picked threads I liked and warped up  - did not worry about what the fiber was, just what I liked.  No plan in the weaving of colors so I did not have to keep up the plaids.  Love it - was going to cut and make a vest & possibly a messenger bag but so far I have only used it as a shaw. The pink Saori Weaving is a wall hanging now. I might cut one of them when the time is

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