Saturday, November 10, 2012

Quilt Shows, Fiber Fest & more Shop Pics!

It has been a busy month - as usual I have not taken pictures like I should.  I am trying to do better but seems I always forget my camera and the phone just does not take pics like a camera. 

Hope everyone enjoyed Pumpkin Town & the Heritage Quilt Guild quilt show at the Art Center.

JoAnn Love on her way to talk about the Civil War Quilts at Pumpkin Town.

Also, on November 3rd, R&M Yarns in Cleveland had their 2nd Fiber Fest.  I enjoyed it so much, hope it continues to grow!  I met Bill, very talented weaver, hoping to take a class on doubleweave from him next year at R&M Yarns.

Couple more pics from the shop - Brenda brought by her mystery quilt from the Quilting on the Mountain in October plus a Santa wall hanging that she is doing.  She may teach a class on it!!!

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