Thursday, July 23, 2009

One beautiful Quilt!!! Wish I had done it!!

Isn't this quilt beautiful!!! I did not make it - wish I had. A friend I quilt for from Cleveland, Zandra, made it! She does such good work, it is always a treat to quilt for her. She makes fun quilts and lets me just do what I want!!!!
I used my Circle Lord on my quilting machine. I love using this attachment!!! Makes perfect circles. Takes alittle time to line up but really worth it especially when I want to play!!
Thank you, Zandra for letting me work on your quilts.
I have to admit I feel I have the cream of the crop when it comes to quilt makers that allow me to work on their quilts! I have to also admit that I worry over every one of them afraid they won't like what I do!

Loom at work!

Got a sock loop rug finished!!! I love my loom! I knew I would - I have wanted to weave for 30 years!! Wish I had really pursued this then but did not know anyone with a loom. Now I find out there have been weavers in the area for years.

This rug was made from mixed blue & cream loops. I dyed some an indigo blue and added them through out the rug. One Christmas present done!!!!

Spindle spinning!!!!!

I have finally got the hang of spindle spinning!!!! I know I still have to improve but I feel I am on my way.

Thanks to a Sit 'N' Spin at the Yarn Haven in Knoxville TN, after a couple of years of spinning what I call novelty yarn (because it is rather bumpy and weird), a very nice lady at the group showed me what to do!! I am sorry name slips me but I will get it at the next meeting!!!
Anyone that is interested in spinning should go to this meeting!!!! It is on the 2nd Saturday of each month and it is free. Time is 2 p.m., to 4 p.m.

Several are using spinning wheels (this is on my list of wants!) and I have noticed they are very happy to help the newbies!

The shop is nice and has lots of ideas, yarns and classes. It is off the Cedar Bluff exit. I bought some beautiful roving at the shop to spin and it is doing great.
My goal is to get be able to give my spun yarn as a present to a wonderful daughter, so she create a crochet heirloom!
My novelty yarn is going to get woven on a loom then felted so no one can see how bad it is!

Grandmother's Fan Quilt Top!

I started this quilt top several years ago for a class I was teaching at a quilt shop! I had planned a throw but after I started I decided that I had enough throws and wanted a king size quilt!!! Now about 7 years later - the top is done!
The fabric is from Eleanor Burns 1st. fabric line. I carried it in my quilt shop and save the fabric just for this pattern. The pattern is from her book Fan's & Flutterbys.
I put lace at the top of each fan to give it a very feminine look. Now let's hope it does not take 7 years to get it quilted!!!!

New use for Cat Food Bags!

I know I posted pictures of this bag once but I had a couple other pictures that showed more - it is such a great way to recycle.

A friend gave me a Friskies cat food bag and my brain went to work. It was woven plastic so I knew it would cut and sew good.

I opened it up and cut the bag so I could get a good picture and the name. The handle came out of the side of the bag.

I lined it with a pretty peach fabric. It serged and sewed beautifully.

I then gave it to my friend - she has 17 cats!

I now have two purple cat food bags and a bird seed bag - I have to get creative again.
I am looking for a woven dog food bag!!!!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


I lost my baby this past winter due to what the vet said was a brain tumor as well as a kidney tumor. It was like losing a child and I miss her so much there is rarely a day goes by that I don't think about her and wish she was still with me.

Whoever says they are just dogs - have never really loved a dog. We got her at 7 weeks - she was my friend and companion thru some times that I felt I could not make it. I could talk to her and she would act like she understood everything. She was there next to me when I felt so alone. She loved to curl up next to me when I slept. She stayed under my desk when I worked. She would lay her head in my lap when I cried.

Some of my family consider her physco because she did not like strangers and she stayed close to me. In truth, she was not an easy dog because you had to watch her or put her out if anyone came around, but she loved her immediate family so much. She loved to play hide & seek with Brian & Britney.

I found this on the internet one day:

The Creation

When God had made the earth and sky
the flowers and the trees,
He then made all the animals
the fish, the birds and bees.
And when at last He'd finished
not one was quite the same.
He said, "I'll walk this world of mine
and give each one a name."
And so He traveled far and wide
and everywhere He went,
a little creature followed Him
until it's strength was spent.
When all were named upon the earth
and in the sky and sea,
the little creature said, "Dear Lord,
there's not one left for me."
Kindly the Father said to him,
"I've left you to the end.
I've turned my own name back to front
and called you dog, My dear friend."

She could never be off lease but now she can run and play like other dogs! And I will love her forever.

Trying to get going again!!!

I just can't seem to get organized - and this is a terrible thing for someone that was always organized!!!!

Summer is hard - just too much to do. I would rather be outside than inside most of the time. Still getting very tired at times but doing much better than I was. Back to the doctor tomorrow for more bloodwork to see if my Vitamin D is up and if the folic acid pill is working right!

I have listed some fabric on Kijiji, hoping to cut my stash some. I have alot of cute kid prints that I need to move out of here.

Finished a quilt top last night - been working on it for about 6 years! Post picture later today.