Saturday, January 31, 2015

Quilt for a friend!

I have been trying to get quilt done for someone for about 2 years.  Was suppose to be a present Christmas 2013, then 2014 now it is finally done.  Not a hard quilt - I just got side tracked!   Now I am trying to get it together and work alittle again.  It is a distorted square made by using strip fabric and cutting triangles, piecing into squares again - yes there is a reason we like to cut up perfectly good fabric and sew it back into fabric - it is called therapy!
The second picture shows the extra block I had left - I used it on the back of the quilt and finally the last will show some of the quilting. 
As for the quilting, I did not worry, just did what I felt like doing at the time.  No templates - just fun.  Odd size - about 65 x 80.  Big blocks!


I have had a time getting logged backed into my blog!   Finally got it done this morning!  Wrote everything down and hopefully will be able to keep it up this time.!