Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Baby quilts!

A Great Day!!!

I quilted 5 baby quilt tops to sell and today I sold 4 of them at the doctor's office (thank goodness for my friend, Gloria, that works as a RN in the office)! I am so up now!!!

I did not do alot of quilting = just some freehand designs and they were baby panels but I did not charge alot for them. They have a very pretty plaid print on the back & I used the plaid for the binding. Alot prettier than just plain muslin or white. Completely done on machine.

I have alot of cute kid prints that I have to do some thing with - I am trying to lower my stash. Then I won't feel so bad when I buy new material!
So now I have to get busy and do some more! Maybe that 5 gallon tote of fabric will finally get used up!!! I had so many big plans for it when I bought it - but the plans only changed.
See ya, later!


Rach said...

CUTE!!! Have any girl/boy twins patterns for toddlers? I might be interested...

Mary said...

e-mail me at - let me know what you are looking for.