Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Rug Weaving with Sock Loops!!!

~~~~ Gone Loopie~~~~~
Remember the sock loops that we use to weave on a little frame to make potholders??? I have found that they work great on my homemade weaving frame!!

I was at R&M Yarns in Cleveland TN and they had a beautiful rug that was made on a large floor loom. It looked like chenille. But it was made with ercu sock loops - which they sell by the pound. Of course I saw a challange to try this on my frame that my husband made me.

I warped the frame with a polyester yarn that I got at R&M (which I will use for my fabric rugs now - it works great). Then went to work by looping the sock loops together to form a chain; weaving in and out, over and under - and I love it. It works up quickly. When finished I used a crochet hook to pull the loops threw the warping threads at the end of the mat, making fringe at each end.

I can't wait until he gets my large rug frame done to do a big chenille floor rug!
R&M Yarns is a great store - I am planning a beginner's weaving class on April 5th ( on a real loom! )
Their web site is: http://www.rmyarns.com/ , they have yarns for knitting, weaving, etc - great prices. The yarn is mostly by the pound on the cones. They have cotton, New Zealand & Domestic Wool, novelty yarns and more! Be sure to check out her sock loop rug if you get to go by there!! The owner is Phyllis Narus.
A Quilting I must go!
Today was quilting day - I quilted 4 baby quilts, 2 cute rabbits, one adorable bear, and a fun summer looking with stick kids flying kites. Push myself tooooooo much - so I am done! Binding will go on tomorrow - one rabbit is already sold! (one baby step closer to a loom!!!)
Must finish my shawl tonight ! I am getting bored with it even though it is beautiful & lacy, but I am row 192!!!! It is a beautiful ercu cotton that I got at R&M yarns - I love it but I am ready to get back to work on my bright varigated socks!!!
Peace & Blessings!


Angelia said...

can u weave on this loom with yarn??

Mary said...

Something I am going to try!

I have done fabric strips & the sock loops - I really don't know why I can't do yarn

Angelia said...

Its time for the sassy apron swap!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi, I have a BUNCH of Navy blue & Maroon cotton sock loops for weaving if y'all are interested. email me at: sidesaddlequeen@gmail.com