Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Getting a little done but not much!!!

Seems like I can't get alot done - I gotta get motivated! Maybe the trip to Atlanta with my daughter this week will do it!!!!! I am packed and finishing the last minute things I have to do. I have never been on a trip without my husband, so it is kinda new. Also I have never went anywhere without Britney, so she is adjusting to it!

Did a couple better pictures of my tote bags - thing is I don't even have one to carry to Atlanta. I got the fabric but did not get it done - well next time.

A little embroidery & my first rug punching project!
I finally finished a rug punching project - my first. Problem was the kit I bought did not have enough yarn to finish like the picture - that was a real bummer. I had to sorta free-form it to make it work but I like it and made it a chair pad for a rocking chair in my special room. It is a room that usually stays clean!

It was fun but I now I want to make my own pattern or use one that I found in a book. The yarn in this kit was not a natural fiber and I plan to make one with wool yarn and wool fabric. I used burlap for the base and an oxford needle for punching, a morgan frame for holding the fabric.
I am hoping to find a couple venders in Atlanta that have this and maybe they will be demoing so I can ask some questions. Last year at the quilt show in Nashville there was a booth that was doing it and I feel in love with the primitive work.

I am still trying to get my embroidery machine up and going - what a time that has been. But I did get this pillowcase done before Christmas. It is a large case and I think I will cut it down to a travel size because I think it will be a very pretty decorative pillow. Besides - I don't know if I want to do another one!

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