Thursday, February 21, 2008

Embroidery Machine is busy, too!!!

Embroidery Machine Time!

Finally got my embroidery machine out of the shop and back at work! The great thing about embroidery machines is that they work on their own. You can do other things while it is working on a design; it stops when you need to change thread or change the bobbin.

I love making these towels for the kitchen. Usually I make the sunnbonnet sue days of the week towels in either turkey red or country blue, but these are so cute. Each is a different color: red, green & blue. The sides are serged and hemmed under with matching thread. On the end with the design, I used a decorative stitch off my regular machine. The fabric is Osanburg 100% cotton that has been prewashed.

I am hoping to use this monogram design on the front of a purse. The floral design, I think, was a freebie on Martha Pullen's site. I have a really cute print that I match the colors of the thread to.

Well, back to work! Maybe I should do alittle house work!!!
Oh my, What was I thinking?!?

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Angelia said...

I know you've been working on stuff! Where are the pics???

5 days!! and we'll be in Atl in sewing bliss!!
Can we eat sushi atlest 1 night!!