Thursday, October 9, 2008

Toooo Busy!!!

Tooooo much going on!!! Just got over Fall Break and now the kids are back at school. Trying to get a few quilts quilted for my customers!! Trying to make a few things to sell before Christmas! Cleaning the shop! And Cleaning the house!!!! AT least canning is over!!!

I made a small table scarf with my Spear's loom - gotta get a picture of it. Worked great!

Now I have bought a used Leclerc Mira Loom!!!! That's why I had to clean the shop - to make room for it!!! Got some yarn at R&M Yarns during their 50% off sale. Got my books! My friend, Tanya (my buddy in trying to do everything at least once), loaned me some vhs tapes on weaving! Now I can't wait to get it warped and going!!!!

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