Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Cake Decorating Classes

Britney has started cake decorating classes at JoAnns in Knoxville. Tonight will be the last of the Course 1. She is doing great - making some beautiful cakes and really liking it alot.

First cake was a rainbow cake and the second was a two layer clown cake. She even did a chocolate layer and a yellow layer in the clown cake.

Everyone at her Great Mamaw's loved the clown cake on Sunday. We are trying to find ways to get rid of cakes!!!!

She will be making a chocolate cake tonight with roses.

Our hens are laying great eggs for these cakes!!! We are getting alot of double yolks!!! And one of the hens (Britney thinks it is Betty) often is laying a jumbo egg! I love our chickens!!!

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Angelia said...

Those cakes are beautiful!!