Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Weaving on the Brain Again!

Been trying to get my loom warped up but has been a real ordeal. So much going on that I can't find time for me! But finally after days of battling with the new way I was threading up the warp, I got it done. Hurray!!!

I am working on recycle rag rugs. I got one started and hopefully, if I figured right, I will be able to do 3 on this warp. I am using some old knit shirts and a skirt in colors of burgandy, brown & mauve.

Please Santa - bring me another reed for Christmas. Working with one reed and a 6 dpi one at that can be hard for a beginner. I had to double the warp in the reed and I did do a messed up job which caused me to work twice as hard straightening it out. But it is working now.

 I had been working with everything in the house trying to find the perfect seat to sit in at the loom with no luck. Last week I came across a padded bench with a back. I needed a back to help support my back. I can lift the seat for storage, which is great for my shuttles!!!

A great find!!! It works so great. It is wide enough that the treadles fit perfectly under the bench so I can sit right up to the loom.

More later!!!!

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