Sunday, January 24, 2010

Needle Keeper!

I have been sewing some - made a needle keeper that is alittler larger than most but it has it all.

Embroidered the GRITS design which was freebie but I forgot where I got it.  I added a Bernina  minature design and added needlecase.
Lined with come cotton batting and a cute muti-color cotton fabric that was in my stash of scraps.
Buttonholed stitch around.  Took some felt added alittle pocket to hold a needle threader, a strip of fabric across the bottom and divided it so I have three compartments.  After I placed the packs of needles in it, saw that they could fall out so I went back and added a strip of fabric across the top to help hold them in place.  Added a button and button hole - put the pins, needles, etc., in it and it is finished! 
Now I have to get some more made!  I think they will make great presents!

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Angelia said...

That is soooo cute!!!! Why don't I have one???