Sunday, January 24, 2010

My First Handmade Spindle!!

I have 2 spindles - my first was a cd spindle made by my husband and the second was a spindle that I bought in a kit at Yarn Haven in Knoxville.  Now, I have made my first spindle and I am hooked on trying to make more!!!

Everything came from Hobby Lobby except the hook ( I wanted a antique looking hook and could not find one small enough to buy so I dug thru my drawer and low & behold I found one thanks to a clutter junk drawer). I headed to my husband's tools and found a little saw so I could cut grooves on each side of the wheel so I would hold the thread.

 First I stained all the wood walnut; let them dry; then I assembled them using alittle wood glue and putting the rubber washer at the top and bottom of the spindle circle.  I don't know if the black washers are going to help much but I kinda like them there anyway. 
I then rubbed the wood with melted bees wax.  I let it set for a while than I could not wait any longer - I had to spin. 

It spins great - it is heavier than my other wheels so I don't know if I could spin as thin but I really liked what I did.  I used some Jacob roving I bought at the Murfreesboro fiber festival last fall and I love it.  I had been saving it for a wheel but thought I better go ahead and start - don't know when I will have wheel.

The spindle spins & spins - this is so cool!!!!  I am hooked - I have enough to make 3 more wooden spindles. 

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