Sunday, January 24, 2010

New Way to Wind a Bobbin!!

Everytime I need to wind a bobbin for my loom shuttle, I have to try to find the drill to do it or wind it my hand (which takes forever!)  The drill works great but since I don't get to work very often, I hate to keep my husband's drill all the time.

I have been searching for a way to have a portable, small way to do this without having to spend $100 or more for a bobbin winder.  I tried a couple different things that worked but still not what I wanted - fast and smooth.

On Ravelry, I found a post about someone using a small battery operated smoothie hand blender.  I had one in a drawer (aren't junk drawers - great!).  I had had this blender for about 10 years - it had the same batteries in it that I put in orginally.  Thankgoodness they had not leaked but they actually stilled worked.

I had to cut the curved ends off the ends so they would fit in the middle of the bobbin.  The bobbin fit snugly on the wands - started the chenille yarn - and WOW, I worked!  Fast, smooth - all the things I needed.
And I still have one wand intacked - so I can still use it in a protein shake if I wanted to!

It has a storage case and be stored in a little drawer by my chair - I can easily put it in my Ashford bag to carry it with my rigid heddle if I want to take it with me. 

I will still use the drill when I am working on my big loom but this is perfect to be able to wind a bobbin fast for the rigid heddle anywhere I am working on it.  This is perfect for any portable loom!

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