Sunday, January 24, 2010

Weaving Room - Now No Excuses!!!

Okay - I have to get to work and get my Mira warped up - NO EXCUSES!!!  I have my room set up and though I am still finding little cuties things to put in it - I need to get it working!!

This is a great room!  I have a closet to put my yarn and cones of thread in that I have to get organized better, of course.  My duclimer is where I can pick it up and play whenever I want - displayed on the pretty stand .  A TV and DVD, my books & magazines, the table loom that I am working to restore has a place - so cool!!!!

My husband made me a raddle for my loom - I was having problems with warping some fine cotton thread so I showed him a raddle in a book.  He made it in about an hour - great - that saved me about $50 or more (I need a new reed in a different size - almost paid for that).  He is working on me a stand for my Ashford rigid heddle that I bought from the Galtinburg Spinnery - I am so blessed that he likes to try to make some of the things I could use!!!!

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