Thursday, April 24, 2008

Some Quilts from the Past!

I am trying to get motivated to work on some quilts again. Most of the ones I have done have been given away or donated. I have only maybe 3 bed size quilts left here at home and several wall hangings that I have used in my home. I have so many quilts in my brain that I have to use all the fabric that I have bought for them!
Here are a few of my small quilts:

I still have a dozen quilts started and many more in the planning. I think I stopped working on them because I just don't know what to do with them when I am finished with them! Just wait until I take pictures of my fabric! Did I say bolts of fabric!!!


Angelia said...

You give them to me when your finished! There now you have something to do with them!!!

Rach said...

Hey, wait... can't an almost complete stranger get some quilt love? Seriously tho' nice! I love the Grits apron too -- technically I spent my adolescent years in Maine but the rest of my family has been in LaFayette, GA all my life so I feel I can claim both...