Thursday, April 3, 2008

The Shawl is done!

I finally finished the shawl I have been working on forever (or at least it seems - really only about 3 months and maybe it all the time was put together - maybe only about 3 weeks)

I bought my cotton yarn at R&M Yarns ( ) in Cleveland, TN. I was knitting a washcloth out of it one day while I was watching a knitting show on TV. The program was about lace knitting - and I thought "why couldn't I do a form of lace knitting with this yarn". It is light weight 100% cotton (4.5 /3 ply natural cotton), the finest I have ever worked with (even though real lace knitting is from something alot finer).
One things is that I can't not say how much I yarn I used since I bought it on the cone by the pound but I believe it was only about a pound cone. I used it for 3 wash cloths before I started the shawl and I have some left.


Angelia said...

This looks awesome... really great job on this! Will you be starting on me one for Christmas now???

Rach said...