Sunday, April 27, 2008

Great Day for Yard Sales!!!

I took off yesterday morning with a quest!!! I wanted to find some vintage apron patterns!!!
Here is what I was able to get!!! I paid a .25 for one and .50 for the other!

The McCalls was copyrighted in 1952. The other one is a Simplicity and it was copyrighted in 1953.

The Simplicity had been used alittle more but all the pieces as well as the applique & embroidery is intact. The cute thing about it was that the pattern was in a plastic bag and you could not tell what it was. The bag was a Sears "No Doubt About It" mid-leg panty girdle bag. The bag is in excellent shape! I probably wore one like that in the late 60" and early 70"when I did not need it but every girl was suppose to.

I also found some other goodies. I found a about 3 yards of red swiss dotted fabric - very similar to something I might have worn in a dress when I was alittle girl. I don't think they even make it any more. Use to wear it with a stand out slip as we call it. Of course the best thing about wearing one of those slips was you waist really looks small and no one can tell how large your hips are! Look at June on Leave it to Beaver - I think those ladies dresses like that are really cute! Including the white gloves! Wore them too! And never wore white after Labor Day or before Easter (been told that was a Southern thang!)

Another find was a hand embroidery star on yellow gingham. It is so sad when a mother dies and kids just put her handiwork in a yardsale instead of getting them finished and cherishing it. I am considering making this into a pillow, framing it or possibly adding a ruffle of small yellow gingham and making a cute apron to hang up but not use. I have her name and could put it on it somewhere.

Got some big, big, bright plastic buttons - don't know what to do with them but thinking decorating a purse with them - I have some big bright polka dot fabric that would make a mod (60's) purse. Also several packs of ric-rack - prices on them was .39 & .44 each!~!

Now, this shirt called to me!! I love frogs!! This is a scrubs shirt, I think - gave all of .75 for it but really think it would be a cute cobble type apron. Cut the sleeves out - add alittle trim and maybe ties at the side.
I had a fun day!!!! I love to go to flea markets and yard sales more than the mall (ugh!) Some days you find some real treasures and some days nothing.

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Rach said...

What a find in that embroidered star! I think it's sad when hand-crafted heirlooms are treated so carelessly as well! Very sad... you should definitely put her name on it to honor her memory (even tho' you have only such a small piece of it) and her craft. What a great yard-saling day you had! I can never find these kinds of deals when I go but many of my friends do -- I think it's a gift, and mine are music and babies... altho' I'm making an attempt to develop a Goodwill-score skill... we'll see how that goes...