Friday, April 4, 2008

Baa Baa says the Sheep!

I made my first needle felted animal! I was so much fun but I do know I will have to make another one so I can improve my work.
It was so much except for the legs which were masonary nails. I had a time getting them to work and getting them glue in right. And after so much time & work - the front legs are still alittle longer than the back ones but he still stands - must find a way to improve that.

Anyway - I love it. I think I will call it Mr. Sam since he has the hat (which I will make the stack on it longer next time).


Angelia said...

this is cute... but funny looking too!

Rach said...

Adorable! I agree that it's funny looking too but it's kind of endearing... Okay, keep meaning to e-mail you but it keeps not happening (this is life with 5 kids -- makes me a total fink.) Anyhow, twins theme is '2 Peas In a Pod' (2 diapered babes sitting in a pea pod with little green stem hats on.) I need quilts for them as my older 3 all have quilts from their godmother and she's moved quite far away now. Let me know what you need as far as funds and best way to get it to you.