Monday, April 28, 2008

Frog scrub - into - "Smock" Apron

I just had to work on my "apron" today. I got it finished and I think it turned out good. It was very comfortable - plus I did not use my shirt to wipe my hands on when I was working in the kitchen! It took about 2 hours to complete.

(1)First I cut the sleeves out and took the side seams apart and part of the hem at the sides (I did not even notice that it was a small so I had to make a few changes there).

(2) Removed the top snap and fuzed some fabric over the hole and zig-zag around it (it was on the back but I did not want it to ravel.

(3) I drew a templete by laying the top of the scrub on the paper and made the curve of the outside; then laid the templete paper over the facing and marked the width of it. I wanted the lime green fabric to show at the top like a lapel.

(4) Turned under 1/4" on the curved edge of the green facing and pressed; serged the bottom.

(5) After I pinned the facing to the scrub, I used the buttonhole stitch and attached the curve side to the scrub (on the scrub facing side. Then I serged the inside of the facing to the scrub facing and serged the shoulder seam (I did not take the shoulder seam out but wanted to attached the lime green to it.) Pinned each side back to make a nice point and topstitch it down. Pressed it all

(6) I cut 3" strips from the lime green and attached one to each side of the scrub; leaving enough at the bottom to turn under for a matching hem. Pressed under hem and stitched.

(7) I cut 1 1/4" strips on the bias out of the lime green. Joined them and turned under one edge and pressed. I attached the raw edge to the armhole on the wrong side of the scrub then rolled it to the front and topstitched it down (starting and ending under the arm)

(8) Cut 2 pieces 3 x 11. Turned under 1/4" on each side and pressed; folded it in half and pressed again. Next I stitch closed to the edge on all sides. Put a buttonhole on one end of each strip.

(9) I decided where I wanted the tabs on the back; pinned in place & stitched.

(10) I had to decide where I wanted the tabs to be attached with a button on the front. Once it was in place, I used a chalk pencil and marked the button placement and sewed on the button. The tabs were placed above the waistline because of the pockets - but it just made it look like it had an empire waistline.

I pressed it and then wore it!!!

May sound like alot work but really it was not at all. I had fun doing it! I think the lime green accent really set it off. I have an orginal "smock" apron and only have @$1.50 in it!

I hope I explained it okay - if you have any questions, let me know.


Angelia said...

Very cute!!! I love it! I haven't had time this week to sew much..

Rach said...

Adorable!!! I love frogs too -- I freely confess it... You actually have me thinking about pulling my machine out... or better yet just buying a new one. Of course, sewing areas are NOT baby proof, and I just took up hooping... still, I'm considering it.