Sunday, October 4, 2009

Singer 99 - A Great Find and My New Treasure!!!!

Yesterday, Rhea & I decided to go to Crossville, TN just to go somewhere. Nice day to get out.
After spending a couple hours at the big flea market and not buying anything but wanting to bring home a minature donkey (he is now afraid for me to go back by myself for fear the donkey will be in the back yard), we headed out for a quick lunch and the outlet mall.

I am not a fan of any kind of malls - never have been. But in the middle of this mall, they had a store set up with used items that were donated to be sold to raise money for Domestic Violence. Now I love Goodwill, junk stores, yard sales, etc., so I made a bee line into this store. I was on one side making my way over to the other when Rhea, who had started on the other side, came to me and told me to come look at a machine he had found. He thought he had found a featherweight, it was priced $40.

Very cute machine but I was not sure it was a featherweight, so I call my machine expert friend, Marilyn. Told her what it looked like and it had a 99 on the front - her words were "BUY IT".
The needle would not go up & down but after a couple minutes, Rhea had it working. It needs oiling. Anyway, it now has a new home.

Last night Marilyn & I got on the internet and found out alittle about it. It was made Feb., 10, 1956 in Elizabeth NJ. There were @ 25,000 made during that time. Mine has the serial number on the front base , AM316682. On the front of the neck is a label with the engraving 99-. Has a cute tan & brown case with it but no manual or attachments, but I did find the manual online and have a copy of it. (Have found a manual on e-bay for $4.99)

I cleaned it up this morning and it shines - all the gold trim is perfect. Has bobbin, light works and it now the needle goes up & down just fine. We still have to oil it and possibly grease the motor.

After I told Rhea what I have found out about it, he reminded me "He found it for me". I am so glad my husband loves to search for treasures too!!!! Plus talks me into getting them!!! Plus paid!!!!! What else could you ask for!!

So a day that started out with "I should be working at home", turned out great and makes me want to hunt for more junk sales - whose knows maybe next time it will be a Featherweight!!!!

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