Sunday, October 4, 2009

Doing alittle folkart painting

After the last time I had to ply the yarn I spun together, I decided to come up with a easiler way to do it. So I took some clay pots and painted a cute folkart sheep on the front. Painted the saucer to go with it. So cute!!! I have one set done and the other ready to finish. I am changing the colors alittle so it will be different but will make a match set.

After I have washed my spun yarn and made it into a ball of yarn with the umbrella swift. I can put a ball of yarn in under each pot and pull the thread thru the hole in the top. Then using the spindle, I can ply it together to make a two ply yarn to knit or weave with.
These pots look so good just sitting on a table when not using.

So much fun, even though I had not painted anything in years and it took me alot of coats of paint to get the finish I like. I plan to make a couple more sets of these.

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