Sunday, October 11, 2009

Fun in the Quilting Room!!!!

Finally got to do some quilting!!! Had a beautiful quilt made by a great quilter, Ann, who lives in Maryville, TN. She always does such a good job piecing her tops. This was a big quilt, 95x112 but was alot of fun to work on after I decided what to do.

Freehand triple leaves in the borders and treated all the borders as one; swirls in the colored circles which were quarter circles appliqued on a small square and 4 pieced together to make a circle (4 drunkard paths); a fan with swirls at the bottom of the fan in the plain white circles which were reversed appliqued; an finally a back & forth motion in the background of the circles to create the feel of water. I kept thinking lily pads and water. Putting the swirls in each part of the quilt help tie the quilting together. The backing was a cotton sateen and all the quilting really shows up. Use 100% cotton for the batting - when it is washed - should really look good. I did not realize how much I did to it.

I sure hopes she likes it!!!

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