Friday, January 27, 2012

A Harrisville Loom found a new home

My good friends ( and cousins), Gail and Debbie, brought a Harrisville Loom to join my family of looms on Wednesday.  Well, Debbie's husband, Carey, got to load it in Nashville and drive it to me and with the help of my husband, Rhea, unloaded it into my living room.  Thank you, Carey, Gail & Debbie!
Trying to decide the best way to get it from the truck to the house!
Plus probably trying to figure out how they get into these messes!
Got alittle work to do on it but I think it will be a nice loom.  I have already contacted Harrisville about a couple replacement parts so I don't think it will be long.  Now just finding the time to weave!

I asked on facebook about a name for it and my friend, Donna, suggested "Harris" - how well that suit him.  He will join the other looms, Mira (Leclerc), Jimmy (Cricket loom), and Baby wolf (which still needs a name).
I need 48 hours in a day not 24!

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