Saturday, April 24, 2010

New Friend Joined the Ashford!

Okay, everyone tells me this is as addictive as quilting - it really is!!!!  I love my Ashford wheel (Ashley) but a guild member was selling a Louet and I had to check it out.   Ashley meet Louie!!  They have bonded!

It has super hugh bobbins which will be extra nice when I ply even from Ashley.  It is a comtemporay wheel but it really grew on me.  We had to balance the wheel when we got it.  Could not even tell it was out of balance until I put the bobbins on the lazy kate and then the wheel rubbed one of the bobbins.  With the help of fellow Ravelry member, especially knitspin, and the help from the Louet company.  We got it balanced and now I can ply from the kate.

It also has a skein winder that attaches which I am going to love.  The swift and I sometimes had words spoken during use.  We also have to fix a dowel on it but it works even the way it is. 

It fits right in my back seat so I can take it with me if I want to go to a friend to spin or to guild with it.  Also I can lay it down in the hatchback.  I battled Ashley in my little compact car.

I asked a couple friends if I was crazy to buy another one so soon - and they assured me I was not!!!  One has 4 wheels, the other has two, and one friend has just recently been bitten by the buy and bought a wheel last month at the Townsend Fiber Festival!

It, too - like Ashley, is an older wheel.  But with tender loving care it is up and going great.  Now if someone could repair my older body and get it up and going - life would be grand!!!!

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