Thursday, March 18, 2010

A Spinning Wheel Has Found a Home!!!

I mentioned to a friend and my knitting teacher, Jennie, that I was looking for a good used spinning wheel.  Lo and behold - she had one that she was fixing up to sale.  She had bought it from a woman that found it in her attic and did not want it.

I have found that an afternoon at Jennie's home is indeed a treat!  Brit & I went to see her yesterday so we could try out the wheel and see her alpacas & horses.  Pictures to come of the alpacas and one of the beautiful horses she owns.

Okay - I did have envy!  She has a beautiful weaving/spinning studio, full of windows with the door going out to her alpacas.  Looms, spinning wheels, thread, yarn, roving, and fleeces everywhere - I was in heaven!

The Traditional Ashford wheel is now at my home where it will be appreciated and used.  I have cleaned it and applied Howards Feed & Wax with loving hands!  It looks like a new wheel instead of a 30+ year old wheel.

I plan to send pictures of it to Ashford so they can date it for me and let me know what I would need to buy if I want to upgrade the flyer.  It already spins like a dream so I am not in a hurry to do anything!  
I am off to The Spinnery in Gatlinburg and to the Smokey Mountain Fiber Festival in Townsend tomorrow!  Must find more bobbins!


Tea said...

I'm glad you found a wheel! It looks great. Hope you have a blast at the festival.

Angelia said...

Its so pretty!