Thursday, March 18, 2010

Brown Sheep Shed!

This spinning bug has hit me and I love it!  Someone from Raverly told me about Brown Sheep Shed and that I should order from them.  The price for their roving makes it easy to play with Kool-Aid.  So after the no you shouldn't - sure you should - no you shouldn't - "The sure you should" won out! 

The day the order came, I had been having a MRI & c/t.  Got home very tired and the box was sitting on the porch.  Brought it in and sat it in the floor - fixed me a cup of coffee to get rid of my headache and just enjoyed the box!  After a little bit - just had to open the present I had bought myself.

The roving on the left is white mill ends, black & white mill ends (can't wait to spin this) and a pound grab bag.  The right is dye soppers - these will be beautiful after they are blended on a card drum.  There was a very pretty pink that I think is mohair.

The bottom is a pound of seconds super washed red - I plan to over dye this with another color and also blend some of it with black.  The other bag is a beautiful brown.  I had ordered a pound of mill ends brown & white but I guess she was out and sub this - with is great!!

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