Tuesday, February 16, 2010

First Attempt at Spinning on a Wheel!

I joined the Knoxville Handspinners this month and loved it!!!  Everyone was so helpful and inspiring. 

One thing that was so cool was that I could borrow an older Ashford traditional spinning wheel!  I was showed how to work it and since I had bought a pound of Shetland/Rhomney mix from one of the members, I went to work with it.  Of course, Britney had to try it too and really liked the wheel.

Knowing that I only have it for a month, I have worked everynight almost on the wheel.  Got alot to learn but I really love it.  So relaxing!!!  The roving I bought is very forgiving for a beginner.  Here is some of it after I have plyed it and wound it into a ball. 

Looks very folky which is something I really like.  I know it is not great but thats okay - gotta practice to get good.  I still have more to do and I am hoping I will be able to make a vest with it.  Got a knitting class coming up in March.  After I do one vest, I am hoping I will be able to use this yarn in the next - won't that be so cool!!!!!!!!

Right now maybe it is alittle thick but it is double plied and there are some thick spots but that is okay.  I got more to do and hopefully will improve as time goes on.  Maybe will get it right by the time I finish the pound - ha! 
One thing I know is when I cut the ties on that pound of roving - it grew and grew, just like Linda said it would!  I hope she will have more to sell later on because I would like to do it again when I get a little more uniform in spinning.

This is the best way to enjoy all the cold weather & snow we have had this year!!!

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Angelia said...

Spinning, spinning, spinning... haven't you been weaving anything????