Thursday, August 28, 2008

New Hobby!!! Like I need one!

Mountain Dulcimer!!!

I bought a dulcimer this spring at a yard sale - for the whopping price of $10. It had a place that needed to be repaired and a friend of mine, Tanya, told me to call Johnny McGrew!! I think it is the best thing I have bought in a long time!!!!!!!!!!

We went to visit Johnny and his wife, Becky!!! What a wonderful couple! They told us the history of dulcimer and played for us some beautiful music! Both Johnny & Becky are so talented - I was full of envy! A beautiful log house that they built, and all the furniture in it was built by them. Johnny is an artist! His furniture & cabinets are wonderful. Plus he restored an old truck and it would make anyone drool - it had cherry wood in the bed and he has made a cherry tool box for the back! Becky made some of the most beautiful pottery that I have ever seen - I would love to be able to do pottery but I have to stop at getting new hobbies (Ha-Ha).

Johnny builds the most beautiful dulcimers and I fell in love with the sound they made! He fixed my little dulcimer and both he and Becky showed me how to play. Becky got me a book - and before I left I could play a simple song! I don't read music so I was excited that you did not have to read it to play!

Brian & Britney both can play and even Angie has joined in on this new activity!!! She is wanting her own dulcimer now!!!

Angie & Brian playing in my kitchen!! Here's Brian on the deck - isn't the perfect place to play a mountain dulcimer!!!

Johnny is building me one and I told him to surprise me with the wood & design of the cut out. I am so excited to get it! I will have to relearn how to play because it is bigger than my little one.
Will post more later!!! Hopefully pictures of him building it!

Wow - I am tired - I think this is the latest that I have been up in a while - I will pay for it in the morning!!!!

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Ciara said...

hey there
its great that you're so excited about it. Thx for the pics I hadn't seen one before, cool.
Enjoy your new one when it arrives.