Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Accuquilt & Scraps!

I love the Accuquilt!!!!  How many of you have a box, bag or basket of scraps in your closet or sewing room???  After getting the Accuquilt and the 12" block dies, I decided to see what I could make with some of them.
So first I lowered my ironing board to where I could sit down (alot easier on my back!)  Started pressing and putting in stacks according to the size of the scraps.  I then looked at the patterns that can be made with the 12" block dies and picked out the Sawtooth Star.  I love this pattern and decided to make it just as scrappy as I could.
I choose all the light prints for the backgrounds and the darks for the center and star points.  I did not stack as many on the die as I could have because I wanted to get use to cutting with it - Wow! - it was so fast!  Plus the points are cut off the triangles so it fit together so easy.  Any imperfections with points was not the cutting but my sewing.... I got in such a hurry to see the next one!

I also cut out 2 1/2" strips with the Accuquilt.  I plan to make a queen size quilt and use the strips for a scrappy binding.
If you have never saw an Accuquilt Cutting System (  - drop by the shop and see how it works!  Got a special going on for the month of February.  The Accuquilt Cutting system is usually  $349 but during February you can buy one for $269.95!  Comes with a mat & die to get you started.  Plus when you buy your Accuquilt from us - you will get 25% off your dies anytime you buy one at the shop!
You can call me at 423-507-1301 if you have any questions.

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