Thursday, April 4, 2013

Isn't it suppose to be Spring?!

Seems this whole winter could have been described as COLD & RAINY but it is suppose to be spring now, right!  But it is cold and rainy...ugh.

I have been so laxed on keeping up with the blog, sorry!  I have been busy trying to get a few new samples made.  Plus spinning & weaving - set a goal that I would spin then weave it into fabric that I could cut and make into a quilt or at least a wall hanging.

New samples made with the Roses fabric by Maywood.

With the left overs from the Railfence quilt, I made a cute table runner.

Double Irish Chain
Most of both quilts were traditional patterns that I cut on the Accuquilt.
Katherine finished her Double Wedding Ring quilt (all hand pieced and hand quilted).  We were so honored that she brought it by for show & tell.
Janet made this quilt from fabrics that were used for the reception at her daughter's wedding.  What a beautiful keepsake for her daughter.
We are so lucky that there are so many very talented quilters in the area and I am so very lucky that they send pictures or bring them by the shop for show & tell!

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