Saturday, July 24, 2010

Blending Roving!

My husband made me a hackle that I can use to loosen roving that is too tight and also I can blend some colors together.  It is so much fun to use it.  In the pictures, Brintey is doing it.  After you layer the roving on the hackle, you take a button or a diz.  It makes great roving that is so easy to spin. 

Found the instructions to make the hackle on Ravelry.  Bought my combs at the Dollar Tree and found as scrap of wood in the basement that worked. He bought 2 inexpensive clamps so I could clamp it to a table.
The roving that was used was just too dense and overdyed to spin.  I have learned alot since I bought this roving.  But after using the hackle it really spun up good.   It was a gunbarrel blue and we mixed a natural cream.  After spun up, looks like a blue/grey tweed.  Got 4 oz done, only 4 to go.

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