Monday, May 18, 2009

Recyle Purses!

Got in a recyle mode! Made this tote bag from a Friskie cat food bag. It was the large bag and was a woven plastic. Worked out great. I put a lining in it with pockets. A friend gave me the bag, and I gave her the tote (Gail is pictured here with her tote)! She loved it!

Got two more bags just not time to make them.
The next purse was made from Wal-Mart
plastic bags. I cut the bags into continuous strips and wove them on my loom. Cut the lining out of an old pillow case that match the wool, placed pockets in the lining. Braided the wool for the handles. Everything was recyled - wool was given to me, pillow case was years old, plastic bags, even the button was off a old jacket. Turned out real cute.

The material was so soft after it was woven - you would have never thought it was plastic.

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